The heritage of Augustinian abbot G. J. Mendel, who is well famous primarily for his studies conducted on plants, peas particularly.

One needs to not fail to mention breeding of bees, or Mendel’s other analysis in the field of meteorology. [citation needed] Abbot Mendel has burst for the immortal icon of contemporary biology due to his own devotion, diligence, and way to this heredity of legumes and different vegetation. So, he is rightly called the father of genetics. The work of this genius was only fully appreciated after his departure.

Mendels work in Brno Czechia on peas

Therefore, one of these aims of the memorial is always to establish Mendel’s genius, and also to raise awareness of disciplines of of study college students, and candidates for scientific research in Masaryk college, could experience. The Mendel Museum is made a more place that links science by the interconnection of the specifications of a memorial association with several areas of analysis. It facilitates the experience of professors with the wider public. There is also a location for the area of art inside the museum’s exhibit plans. Art exhibitions are frequently staged by the museum.