Month: May 2021

Draining the Swamping Hypothesis: Little Evidence that Gene Flow Reduces Fitness at Range Edges

The genetic swamping speculation proposes that gene circulate from central to peripheral populations inhibits native adaptation and is considered one of the most widely known explanations for vary limitation. We evaluated empirical assist for this speculation in research quantifying patterns of gene circulate to peripheral populations and their ensuing health outcomes. We discovered little proof that gene circulate is mostly uneven

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Molecular phylogenetics of sub-Saharan African natricine snakes, and the biogeographic origins of the Seychelles endemic Lycognathophis seychellensis

Phylogenetic relationships of sub-Saharan African natricine snakes are understudied and poorly understood, which in flip has precluded analyses of the historic biogeography of the Seychelles endemic Lycognathophis seychellensis. We inferred the phylogenetic relationships of Seychelles and mainland sub-Saharan natricines by analysing a multilocus DNA sequence dataset for 3 mitochondrial (mt) and 4 nuclear (nu) genes.

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